Accepted papers

To maintain the quality of the conference proceedings, a few papers (from the list) were invited, and were peer-reviewed like other regular papers.

Track 00: Keynote talks (05)

#K1. Pattern analysis and machine intelligence in healthcare informatics: chest X-ray screening
#K2. Automatic identification and cleaning of struck-out handwritten text in English and Bengali script
#K3. Divide and conquer framework with feature partitioning concepts for PCA
#K4. Challenges and advances in text classification
#K5. Computer Assisted Decisions in Medicine based on Machine Learning Techniques on Biomedical Data and Signals

Track 01: Document analysis (12)

#20. Complex and composite graphical symbol recognition and retrieval: a quick review
#23. Word-level thirteen official Indic languages database for script identification in multi-script documents
#39. Skew Detection and Correction of Devanagari Script Using Interval Halving Method
#41. Eigen value based Features for Offline Handwritten Signature Verification using Neural Network approach
#48. An Approach for Logos Detection and Retrieval in Documents
#53. Spotting Symbol over Graphical Documents via Sparsity in Visual Vocabulary
#63. Word Retrieval from Kannada Document Images using HOG and Morphology Features
#67. Hand-drawn symbol recognition in immersive virtual reality using deep extreme learning machines
#74. Comparative study of Handwritten Marathi Characters Recognition based on KNN and SVM classifier
#92. Recognition of Handwritten Devanagiri Numerals by Graph Representation and Lipschitz Embedding
#95. Unlocking Textual Content from Historical Maps - Potentials & Applications, Trends, and Outlooks
#96. Document image analysis for a major Indic script Bangla - advancement and scope

Track 02: Pattern analysis and machine learning (09)

#44. Combination of feature selection methods for the effective classification of Microarray gene expression data
#51. Pattern recognition based on Hierarchical Description of Decision Rules using Choquet Integral
#55. Classification of Summarized Sensor Data using Sampling and Clustering: A Performance Analysis
#61. Feature Reduced Weighted Fuzzy Binarization for Histogram Comparison of Promoter Sequences
#70. A fast k-nearest neighbor classifier using unsupervised clustering
#76. DSS for Prognostication of Academic Intervention by Applying DM technique
#83. Cluster Based Symbolic Representation for Skewed Text Categorization
#84. Semi-Supervised Text Categorization using Recursive K-means clustering
#99. Class Specific Feature Selection for Interval Valued Data through Interval K-Means Clustering

Track 03: Image analysis (07)

#27. Performance Analysis of Impulse Noise Attenuation Techniques
#66. Neuro-Fuzzy Approach for Speckle Noise Reduction Using SAR Images
#73. A Hybrid Approach For Hyper Spectral Image Segmentation Using SMLR And PSO Optimization
#75. An integrated framework to image retrieval using L*a*b color space and local binary pattern
#78. Texture Classification using Deep Neural Network Based on Rotation Invariant Weber local Descriptor
#81. Industrial Applications of Colour Texture Classification Based on Anisotropic Diffusion
#86. Shot Based Keyframe Extraction using Bitwise-XOR Dissimilarity Approach

Track 04: Biomedical image analysis (07)

#33. Automatic compound figure separation in scientific articles: a study of edge map and its role for stitched panel boundary detection
#34. Automated chest X-ray image view classification using force histogram
#38. An Automatic Computerized Model for Cancerous Lung Nodule Detection from Computed Tomography Images with Reduced False Positives
#45. Synthesis of a Neural Network Classifier for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Grading based on triphasic CT images
#49. A comprehensive method for assessing the blepharospasm cases severity
#50. Identification and Classification of Fruit Diseases
#77. Circular Foreign Object Detection in Chest X-ray Images

Track 05: Biometrics (04)

#69. FaceMatch: real-world face image retrieval
#79. Evaluation of texture features for biometric verification system using Handvein and Finger Knuckle Print
#85. Face Sketch Matching using Speed Up Robust Feature Descriptor
#88. Enhanced Gray scale Skeletonization of Fingerprint Ridges using Parallel algorithm