Special issue(s) in journal publications

The RTIP2R committee will provide an opportunity to submit their papers to Int. Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing (IJCVIP), IGI Global.
To maintain the quality of IJCVIP, the RTIP2R committee will select papers and notify corresponding authors based on the conference review reports.

Selection process and notification

Review committee selected papers based on the conference review reports and scores for a journal special issue. Chair has sent notifications to corresponding authors of the selected papers.

Deadlines (firm)

Please follow the journal template (attached) and submit your manuscript.

Initial manuscript submission: Feb. 24, 2017
First round review: Mar. 30, 2017
Revised manuscript submission: Apr. 20, 2017
Final decision: Apr. 28, 2017
Camera ready submission: May 05, 2017
Expected publication: Vol. 7, Issue 2, June, 2017

The aforementioned deadlines are firmed, and guest editor and the editor in chief of IJCVIP strictly follow them. Guest editor and the editor in chief of IJCVIP, in fact, try to make a final decision before reaching the final dates.

How to prepare a manuscript?

Page length: 14-17 pages (using IJCVIP template)[important: if you need more pages, write email to santosh.kc@usd.edu]
Overlap with the rtip2r proceedings: No more than 60% overlap, meaning 30% of the work should be completely new. The paper must be completely revised.
Templates: Attached, and authors should (strictly) follow the template.
Manuscript title: It should be revised and new (not the same that was used in conference proceedings).

How to submit?

Please follow the guidelines by clicking the following link: Int. Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing (IJCVIP), IGI Global.
Once you have submitted your manuscript, let editor-in-chief (Prof. Jose Garcia-Rodriguez, Univ. of Alicante, Spain @ jgarcia@dtic.ua.es) and guest editor (Prof. KC Santosh, Univ. of South Dakota, USA @ santosh.kc@usd.edu) know about your submission. This helps us guiding the review process smoother (as expected).

Review process

We will go for selecting 2 reviewers per manuscript, and also be checking those comments from the conference review report (make sure that you have updated your manuscript by taking the help from conference review report).